4 Questions To Ask Your Driving Instructor

By Ron
Driving Instructor

The road to getting your driver's license is not only exhilarating but terrifying at the same time. Not only are you excited about being able to drive yourself anywhere freely, but it also dawns on you that you first need to actually pass the drivers test. The best way to make it past the finish line starts with finding the best driving instructor and booking your first lesson in Newcastle.

In this post, we're going to help you find the best driving instructor in Newcastle by asking the following questions before booking your first lesson.

#1 How Long Have You Been Teaching People How To Drive?

This is a vital question to ask a potential driving instructor. This isn't only for you to get clarity, but to show the instructor how serious you are. You'll have two options: going with a newer instructor because you might feel they have fresh approaches to teaching or a more experienced instructor because, well, experience counts.

#2 Why Did You Choose To Be A Driving Instructor?

Break the ice even further with a simple yet telling question. After all, you want to know as much as possible, so make it what it is; an interview. It is important to find a driving instructor who's passionate about teaching and has a drive for coaching his or her student.

#3 What's Your Pass Rate?

A 100% pass rate among students is highly unlikely. In fact, it doesn't exist. With this question, you're merely trying to set the ground, checking whether he or she knows what they're doing and if they care about their students' ability to get their driver's license.

#4 Why Are You The One To Go With As Opposed To Cheaper Ones?

This question is to see if the driving instructor not only has elevator pitch skills but will give you insights into driving and is determined to choose YOU. You want a driving instructor in Newcastle who answers this question will provide you with background information on their experience, teaching methods and more. By the end of this, the pricing might not see such a big deal.

There are many more questions you want to ask your potential driving instructors, such as their teaching methods and the pricing. An instructor who takes the time to listen and answer all your questions is a winner. Why? Because they have patience, and that's what you need in a driving instructor.

Are you looking for a driving instructor in Newcastle? Get in touch with us at MotoRon, and our friendly driving instructors will go through all your questions with you.

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