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Driver Seat

One of the greatest reasons for taking up a safer driver course in Maitland and Newcastle is that it provides you with the ability to drive unsupervised, especially if you’re under 25. These courses are essential, and we’re going to take you through what makes them important.

What Is A Safer Drivers Course?

We all need to be safe on the roads, as drivers and pedestrians. It is your responsibility as a driver to make sure you take all precautionary measures to ensure that safety. 

With all the potential hazards and pitfalls we can come across on Maitland and Newcastle roads, drivers need to be considerate to avoid getting in unfortunate situations.

Safer driver courses are programmes designed to help drivers avoid potentially life-altering situations on the road. The vital services in these courses come with a range of techniques to equip drivers, especially learner drivers, with tools for safer driving.

What’s There To Gain From These Courses?

P-plate, or provisional drivers, have a lot to benefit from taking safer driver courses as you’ll be taught how to handle and react in cases of distractions and how to deal with or avoid hazardous scenarios on the road. You also stand to gain 20 points on your provisional licence logbook.

Part of the course will entail managing speed, maintaining safe driving distance, and navigating gaps. Because the classes are also taken in group sessions, you’re given the platform to discuss different situations and strategies with other learners. On top of that, you will also be able to practice hazard management and best practices in dealing with internal and external influences. 

You will also be taken on a practical session where you’ll be given a chance to delve into accident types and be taught how to avoid them best.

How Much Are Safer Driver Courses And What Are Their Structure?

Enrolment in safer driver courses varies between companies in Maitland and Newcastle and the services they provide. On average, roughly $140 is charged for a minimum of two modules. Most companies require full payment in advance as soon as online registration is completed. However, some companies have tailored payment options.

It takes roughly 5 fives to complete the two-module course, 3 of those hours taken up in the group session, and the remaining 2 hours being in-car practical’s.

The End Game?

No matter how long you’ve been driving, becoming an independent driver means having all the improvements possible. At MotoRon, we aim to help provisional and somewhat confident drivers equip themselves with tools and techniques that could save their lives and others.

Book your safer driver course with us today!

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