Why Getting Your License Is Absolutely Necessary

By Ron

Why would you want to sign up for driving lessons at a Newcastle driving school? There are several reasons why not having your licence could spell disaster. Not only will your social life be impacted, but the whole transition into adulthood could be a lot tougher than it needs to be. Keep reading to find out why it’s absolutely necessary to get your license.

You Need Your Independence

Picture this; you’re in the passenger's seat with your mum or dad blaring their out-of-date music, singing loudly as you pull up in front of your school. Then, just when you think it can’t get any worse, you see your crush standing right there watching it all. How embarrassing! Now compare that a picture of yourself with your hands on the wheel and a warm breeze blowing in from the open window as you drive yourself to school. It screams independence and the rush of freedom that comes with it is undeniable. Although being able to drive yourself around is exhilarating, there are a few more serious reasons why getting your license is so important. 

What Happens If There’s An Emergency?

There are many different emergencies that could occur, and if you don't have your license, the consequences could be dire. For example, you could be babysitting when suddenly the little one you're looking after begins to choke. The emergency room is too far to get there on foot with a kid slung over your shoulder. Although you could have emergency services come to you, who knows if it will be too late by the time they arrive? In situations like this, you need to be able to help those around you as soon as possible because you aren’t always going to be with someone that has their license.

Will Not Having A License Influence My Chances Of Getting A Good Job?

Many great jobs out there don’t require a license in order to get the job done. But you still need to get there, and not having your license limits your job opportunities unnecessarily. mum and Dad are not going to be happy to drive you around forever, especially when you move into your own place. Now you may be thinking, “Well, there’s always public transport.” and you’d be right. Public transport is a great way to get around. However, this method is not one hundred per cent reliable. 

What if you oversleep? Rushing out to find that you’ve missed the bus or train can delay your arrival for who knows how long, which definitely won’t bode well for you. But if you have your license and wake up ten minutes late, it’s quick and easy to hop into your car and be on your merry way with little to no consequences. 

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