Why Should I Get Driving Lessons?

By Ron
Driving lessons

That’s a fair question, and there are many reasons for people to get driving lessons. You might be a young person chomping at the bit to get your driver's licence and need learner driver lessons. Another reason is that some licenced adults need an overseas licence transferred to learn how to drive a manual vehicle. There are also people who have had negative experiences driving and need to rebuild their confidence.

Whatever your driving need is, by using driving lessons, you learn the correct way to drive, how to do safety checks on your car and how to react in an emergency. All this adds up to heightened confidence and a safer, better driver.


A more pragmatic reason for investing in driving lessons is to save money. Every time you do a Driver Knowledge Test, the fee is forty-seven dollars - for each attempt. Every time you do a Driving Test, the fee is fifty-nine dollars - again, this is for each attempt. Fail each of these twice, and you have lost $212. And your confidence will have taken a serious knock which makes it harder with each attempt.

The other fees that are applicable to driving are:

  • Hazard Perception Test - forty-seven dollars each attempt
  • Learner licence - twenty-six dollars
  • Provisional P1 licence - sixty dollars
  • Provisional P2 licence - ninety-four dollars
  • Unrestricted licence (gold) - starting at sixty dollars for one year


To legally drive on Australian roads, you are required to pass your road rules theory test and a driving test. Easier said than done. The licensing department stats show that, on average, only fifty-eight percent of driving tests result in a PASS. And the percentage drops for every resit.

While we don’t have the granular details, we can only assume that the high failure rate is because people didn’t take lessons. Why do we assume that? Because Motoron trained drivers have a pass rate of about 90%. We know that other schools have similar results, so the driving lesson industry saves the community dollars and time. 

What is even more convincing is that the 58% pass includes people who get driving lessons. This means the pass rates for people not getting driving lessons is well under 50%.


Driving lessons are a personal choice, and, yes, we are instructors, and it is our business, but the statistics speak for themselves. Using a professional is not a ‘cost.’ It is a cost-saving investment that greatly increases your safety and skill on our busy roads.

Get the best chance at passing your test with learner driver lessons and be a safe, skilled driver. Book online now or give us a call.

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