Why You Should Consider Doing A Safer Driver Course in Newcastle

By Ron
Safer Driver Course

If you are a learner driver, you may have heard of the Safer Driver Course. This course is available to learner drivers in NSW, and prepares them for life as a licensed, unsupervised driver. 

There are many benefits that you could gain from attending the course, such as: 

Reduce Your Risks of Accidents 

The Safer Driver course aims at making you a safer driver and reducing your risks of road accidents. This is achieved by teaching you about gap selection, speed management and hazard awareness. The Safer Driver Course touches on points that driving instructors and parents may not have covered when teaching you to drive. 

Get 20 Hours Accredited To Your Logbook 

Partaking in a Safer Drivers test gives 20 hours that can be logged in your driving experience, thus reducing the 100 hours of supervised experience needed. Unfortunately, this course is meant to be a one-time course, and these 20 hours are only valid to be used once. 

Practical Skills 

On top of reducing your risk of accidents, a Safer Driver Course will prepare you with the practical skills needed for dealing with driving-related situations such as having friends in the car, running late, and dealing with driving anxiety. These skills will make you a better and safer driver overall. 

A Merit On Your CV 

This is definitely an accolade that you can add to your CV, and it will show potential employers that you are serious about safety when it comes to driving. This will be particularly advantageous if you do one-day end up driving for your job. 

More About Our Safer Driver Course in Newcastle 

Motoron is a driving school that offers a comprehensive Safer Driver Course in Newcastle. Any new drivers wanting to participate in the course will need to have already completed 50 hours of road driving. The course is completely free to pensioners and those under 25! 

Are you interested in taking part in our safer driver course in Newcastle? Be sure to get in touch with the professional team at Motoron today to become the best driver that you can be!

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