A person enjoying our automatic car driving lessons in the Newcastle area


Automatic Car Driving Lessons Available in Newcastle

The automatic car is popular choice for many drivers. It's so much easier to drive in traffic without you having to keep the clutch down.

We'll teach you everything from operating an automatic to avoiding dangerous situations, well before they become dangerous.

You'll be equipped for a lifetime of safe driving and be confident in all types of situations.

We'll pick you up for your lesson and will drop you off at the end.

10 hours with our instructors counts as 30 hours in your log book.

Lessons Prices
Automatic Lesson $70 / hour
Automatic Lesson + Test $140
5 x 1 hour Automatic Lessons $335
10 x 1 hour Automatic Lessons $640


* Note: If you pass your automatic licence, you may only operate an automatic vehicle.  Passing a manual licence enables you to drive both manual and automatic vehicles.  We're more than happy to help you feel at home with either transmission.

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