Manual Car Lesson

Driving a manual car is a lot of fun and gives you a much wider range of vehicles that you can drive.  With a manual licence, you can drive a manual and automatic cars.

You might be a little intimidated getting started in a manual, but we'll cover all the bases and you'll be confident and consistent in no time. 

We'll teach you how to use gears to go faster and also to slow you down for effective braking and cornering.

After a few lessons with us, you'll be smooth and safe while operating a manual car that you'll be able to cinch your test and motoron.

We'll pick you up for your lesson and will drop you off at the end.

10 hours with our instructors also counts as 30 hours in your log book.

Lessons Prices
Manual Lesson $80 / hour
Manual Lesson + Test $160
5 x 1 hour Manual Lessons $385
10 x 1 hour Manual Lessons $740


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