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By Ron
Solving Driving Anxiety

Don’t feel alone if you suffer from driving anxiety. Many people have it in various degrees. While driving lessons in Newcastle will definitely reduce your anxiety over time, there are ways to cope with it if it does occur.

It is sensible and expected for drivers to have a small amount of anxiety, making them cautious and observant. Fearless driving usually results in a reckless driver. Here are some tips:

Get Driving

It is important to actually ‘get driving’. The longer you avoid it, the greater the apprehension. By all means, get someone calming to be your passenger and choose some quiet, safe routes. However, if you avoid driving, this will confirm your fear, and you will lose your familiarity and/or skill of driving. Get ‘back on the bike’.

Make Calming Decisions

Don’t compound the anxiety by making reckless decisions. Keep within the speed limit, follow the road rules, and don’t force a situation if a pause and slowing down will also solve it.

Check your blind spot carefully and be conservative. Use your lights, even during the day, to be seen and signal in advance to indicate your intentions. Don’t signal as you are turning the corner; that is too late. Make decisions that maintain calm throughout your journey.

Use Quiet Areas

If it is very helpful if you start driving again on quieter roads. This gives you time to make decisions without feeling pressured. The quieter roads or back roads might be a longer route to your destination, but it’s probably more scenic, and you will be less stressed. The longer you drive in these quiet routes, the greater the confidence you will build.

Take Note Of Your Surroundings

If you practise being aware of the world around you, you will find your stress levels will drop. Take note of trees or plants that you pass, interesting architecture or an unexpectedly good view. Your mind will lose focus on the anxiety.

If you have tried the above tips but find one day you are getting anxious as you drive, find a safe spot and pull over. Acknowledge the anxiety and know that it will pass. It always does, right? Take note of your surroundings and allow your emotions to calm down. You will see an improvement, and when you are ready, start-up and move on again. Well done!

Motoron Driving School encourages drivers of all ages who experience anxiety behind the wheel to seek out driver instructors to guide them and build their confidence in the vehicle and themselves. Knowledge is power. Book now with Motorons and discover the freedom of driving!

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